The Purkeys website offers a new online feature to help fleets select the best liftgate charging system for their specific application. After fleets provide the requested information, the Purkeys’ Comparison Tool offers customized solutions as to which liftgate charging system will most efficiently charge their liftgate batteries.

To discover which liftgate battery charging system is right for you, visit Once there, a list of eight categories on the left side of the screen will help determine how much energy is being taken out of your liftgate batteries. The categories are:

  • Tractor Runtime (hours per day)
  • Dual Pole (yes/no)
  • Reefer (yes/no)
  • Reefer Runtime (hours per day)
  • Maximum Lifts per Day
  • Stops Per Day
  • Minutes Per Stop
  • Loading and Unloading (yes/no)

A chart on the right of the screen labeled “Max Supported Lifts” will adjust itself automatically, according to the information entered. This graph shows the liftgate charging system that will give the most charge time for the specific application. It is important to accurately fill out the fields based on the maximum amount of usage each liftgate may see in a day. By preparing the worst-case scenario, Purkeys can see the best liftgate charging system to fit requirements.

After clicking “Submit and See Results,” the results page will present a quick description for each of the recommended products. One or more of the following will be presented:

  • Direct 7-way
  • Direct with stinger
  • Direct with dual pole in parallel
  • Select reefer 7-way
  • Select stinger/reefer extender

Do you use liftgate charging systems or need guidance? Are you looking for more information? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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