We know that managing the electrical system of each vehicle in a large fleet is no easy task, and vehicles with battery-powered liftgate systems have one more opportunity for electrical hang-ups. Because of this, our engineers have developed two distinct liftgate charging systems, the DIRECT and SELECT, to combat costly delays and road calls and keep your fleet’s liftgates working properly. These systems intelligently monitor the battery state of charge while boosting the voltage at the battery box to help counteract voltage drop.

Larry Rambeaux, our National Fleet Representative, sums up how easy it is to neglect regular voltage drop checks by saying, “no one pays attention to it until it’s broken.”

Voltage drop is a common problem, especially when power has to travel about 50 feet from the tractor to the liftgate batteries. While the Purkeys’ liftgate charging systems sense abnormal voltage drop and alert drivers when it happens, it’s important to test the system beforehand. A quick voltage drop test with our Handheld Electrical Analyzer or Benchtop Electrical Analyzer can diagnose these issues before they become a road call.

Preventative maintenance can be made even easier with our suite of liftgate charging systems paired with our electrical testing equipment. With these tools, technicians can efficiently ensure their drivers can get on the road (and stay on the road!) with no unexpected electrical issues.