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  • 7-Way Circuit for Select and Direct Top View - Purkeys

    Harness, 7-Way Circuit for Select/Direct (Part# H-00288)

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  • Harness 4 Conductor Top View - Purkeys

    Harness, 70 Ft 4 Conductor for Select or Direct (Part# H-00315)

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  • Harness 50 ft. Main for Direct Plus Max Flex

    Harness, 70 ft Main for Direct Plus, Flex, Max (Part# H-00515)

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  • Wire harness

    Harness, Boss Dump Trailer Charger Harness (Part# H-00379)

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  • 800-25 Door Sensor Power Harness

    Harness, Door Sensor Power (Part# 800-25)

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  • Harness Fused LG Positive Side View - Purkeys

    Harness, Fused LG Positive Wire From Red Junction Stud to Terminal Strip (Part# H-00282)

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  • 800-23 (1) Main Harness

    Harness, Main for SafeFreight Alarm System (Part# 800-23)

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  • 7-Way Aux Harness for Select and Direct Complete Harness - Purkeys

    Harness, Reefer for Select/Direct

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  • Harness Reefer to Select Including Module - Purkeys

    Harness, Reefer to Select Including Module (Part# H-00494)

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  • 800-48 Y Splitter harness

    Harness, Y Splitter for Solar Bolt [MC4 Connectors] (Part# 800-48)

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  • Indicate

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  • LED wire system

    Indicator, Boss Dump Trailer Battery (Part# MOD00082)

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