Purkeys’ 6-Station Battery Charger

Original post updated on 12/13/17

Heavy-duty, commercial trucking fleets can experience a variety of issues with batteries on a regular basis. Proper battery maintenance is an important part of keeping a fleet on the road and maximizing productivity and profit.

Once aspect of battery maintenance is keeping in mind the effect that temperature changes have on batteries. At this time of year, temperature drop can negatively affect battery performance. If batteries don’t produce enough energy to meet the cranking requirements, fleets will have trouble starting their vehicles, leading to costly battery-related road calls and replacements.

A vital step in the process of battery maintenance is having a good battery charger located in the shop, such as our 6-Station Battery Charger. It is the perfect solution for fleets that are looking for a way to organize their recharge area and automate the recharging process.

This automatic charging station:

  • Charges multiple batteries at once
  • Includes built-in safety features
  • Works with AGM and flooded cell batteries
  • Automates charging process
  • Guides technicians with easy-to-read LED indicators

Are you dealing with battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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