Purkeys has designated May as Liftgate Charging Awareness Month. The purpose for this is to raise awareness about the importance of liftgate charging systems.

Since liftgate batteries are located near the back of trailers, the cables have to run long distances to reach them, and the voltage drop is significant by the time the current reaches the batteries. Batteries operating at a low state of charge make liftgates run slower. They may even become severely discharged to a point where the liftgate stops working.

The whole point of a liftgate charging system is to make sure more energy gets put back into the battery than is taken out. Purkeys’ SELECT and DIRECT charging systems intelligently increase charge time via a DC to DC converter. The converter boosts the voltage at the battery box, which keeps liftgate batteries at a good state of charge.

A fully charged liftgate battery is more reliable and ensures maximum performance. By constantly boosting the voltage to the batteries you can increase the life of the liftgate’s electrical components and liftgate batteries.

Basically everything works better and lasts longer.

Are you dealing with liftgate battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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