Batteries operate more efficiently when they are fully charged. This applies to the battery that runs the hydraulic motor of a dump trailer. When the battery can stay almost fully charged it can make the motor faster, which makes the dumps faster.

Purkeys’ Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey demonstrates how he developed a solution to charge dump trailer batteries easier and faster than before. Currently, dump trailers need to be plugged into an 110V AC outlet in order to charge the battery. This means trailers are used all day without getting any recharge.

With Purkeys’ new dump trailer charging system, the BOSS, operators can charge the battery as they drive to the next job. The system hooks to the cable used to run the trailer lights. This allows the battery to charge when the truck it on. It can even charge about ten times faster than the current charging system.

By using the BOSS people with dump trailers can have a more reliable trailer because the battery will always remain fully charged. It will also take out the extra step of having to plug it in when it’s parked for the day because when the day is done, you should be too.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into our lifgate charging systems? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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