Purkeys’ Introduces the Liftgate Double Check

Purkeys’ Liftgate Double Check (LDC) makes it easier for drivers and technicians to check the charging system for their liftgate batteries.

“This tool makes it easy to test the liftgate charging system from a wide variety of vehicles,” said Rylar Masco, Purkeys’ National Original Equipment Manufacturer Representative. “The Liftgate Double Check gives you an easy way to connect and diagnose any issues with a liftgate charging system. It gives fleet’s a way to double check the system to ensure it’s working the way it should.”

The LDC comes with an LED light display that will tell you when you are connected to a good power source. Once the liftgate batteries see at least 12.4 volts coming from the power source the charging source will kick on. You can then see how many amps the batteries are pulling. It varies depending on how full the liftgate batteries are but it’s important to determine that the system kicks on and operates like it should.

Its connections can fit a dual pole, single pole, or 7-way. The LDC comes with all the aforementioned connectors. There is a breaker at the top for safety, and at the bottom of the LDC is two inputs for multimeter leads. This way technicians and drivers can see the input voltage from the power source at all times.

“It will tell you simply and easily if everything is working properly,” Masco said.

Are you dealing with liftgate battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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