Purkeys’ Multimeter Training Unit allows technicians to hone their skills with a multimeter in a controlled environment before practicing on a heavy-duty vehicle.

It also keeps students on their toes with customizable settings that can train and test students for a variety of different electrical situations where they would have to use a multimeter.

“This unit is designed to train and test students on their knowledge and functionality of the multimeters we use in this industry,” said Trevor Wood, Purkeys account representative. “The great thing about this particular system is that it’s possible to change the settings.”

Carefully remove the back panel of the MTU and expose the circuit board. Each post on the front is connected to a plug, or “jumper.” Changing the position of these plugs changes the value the multimeter reads. Changing the jumpers will change frequency, millivolts, and all of the passive post.

“We want to make sure we keep students on their toes by changing these values regularly,” Trevor said. “Students tend to recognize patterns and are able to memorize those results. By changing these values trainers will keep them on their toes”

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