New Direct Nosebox lineThe secret is out…the DIRECT™ liftgate charging system is moving in with the nosebox!

Purkeys has been offering liftgate charging solutions for 15 years, but fleets are finding that there are too many devices taking up space on the front of the trailer. So we’ve worked to fix that problem with our new generation of the DIRECT.

Our new DIRECT charging system is fully integrated into the nosebox of the trailer, which means you’ll save space and cost. The new generation offers a line of 3 options:

  • The DIRECT PLUS charges through the 7-way
  • The DIRECT FLEX has 7-way and Dual Pole charging options
  • The DIRECT MAX has 7-way and Dual Pole charging options, along with an additional severe service kit for  those needing maximum charging power

Because each of these systems progressively provides more features, making upgrades and changes based on your power needs is easy.

With these three systems, we’ve combined all the best features of the Purkeys charging system into a solution that saves you space on the trailer and still provides the great charging solution we’ve always delivered.

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