How a Tool Developed for Tech Events became a Training Tool

Purkeys released a new multimeter training unit in April to help fleets train technicians on a heavy-duty vehicle’s electrical system. The M.T.U. allows technicians to hone their skills with a multimeter in common electrical troubleshooting situations.

The training unit was developed for testing a technician’s electrical knowledge at super tech events around the nation. As training demand grew, Purkeys decided to take the unit only used a few times a year and turn it into a training tool fleets can utilize any time.

Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux demonstrates how the voltage drop feature works. It is one of the seven exercises available on the unit.  Other multimeter functions the M.T.U. tests are state of charge, alternator ripple, frequency, millivolts, resistors, diodes, capacitors and pulse width modulated signals.

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