While the Solar Dash™ 01 was designed to work with trucks, we knew that the trailer deserved some attention, too. The Solar Dash™ 03 functions in the same way as the Dash 01, but is meant primarily for reefer applications. However, other special applications, such as dump trailer batteries, can also utilize the Dash 03.

With many systems located in trailers, it becomes very important to maintain batteries when trailers are not in use for extended periods of time. The 20 W solar panel of the Solar Dash 03 system helps combat parasitic loads so that you never have to deal with dead batteries again.

The Solar Dash 03 comes with a 20 W solar panel, patent-pending conversion controller, and ring terminals that connect to any 12 V battery that has studs. To use, simply attach the ring terminals to the battery and mount the solar panel.

If you’re looking for a way to ensure your reefer batteries and trailer systems are ready to work when you are, the Solar Dash 03 provides an affordable, effective solution.