Jumpstart machines often rely on gas powered engines or a large number of batteries to provide the necessary power. While effective, these energy sources make jumpstart machines heavy and difficult to move. That’s why Purkeys developed the CAPS, or Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter, it is a portable, reliable, and convenient solution for a fleet’s jumpstarting needs.

According to Purkeys’ Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe, the CAPS connects like any other jumpstart device. The major difference is the ease of transport. “The CAPS is inside an all-weather case with a handle and wheels so it can be easily transported,” Charley said. “This machine was designed so one person can quickly and easily move it to where it’s needed.” The lightness and maneuverability of the machine is made possible by use of an ultracapacitor.

According to Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux, the ultracapacitor has much lower resistance than a typical battery. This means a lot of energy can be stored in a much smaller space. The ultracapacitor also allows for more flexibility on the size of engines that can be jumpstarted and provides a way to quickly perform multiple jumpstarts.

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