Purkeys’ SELECT™ liftgate charging system fully and efficiently charges liftgate batteries by drawing power from either the tractor or the reefer via multiple paths (stinger cord, reefer, or 7-way aux pin). The SELECT also boosts voltage at the liftgate batteries with its DC to DC converter.

The SELECT is designed to counter specific liftgate battery charging problems faced by fleets. By drawing power from the reefer, the dual pole, or 7-way, liftgate batteries will remain optimally charged. The SELECT automatically detects the best available power source, ensuring that liftgate batteries remain properly charged and ready to use.

The SELECT has easy-to-read LED indicators that show drivers if liftgate batteries have sufficient charge, what source the batteries are charging from, and whether that source is functioning correctly or not. Drivers can quickly diagnose problems by referencing the LED indicators, which greatly reduces the need for road calls and saves fleets from unnecessary downtime.

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