A liftgate that runs is a liftgate that saves you time and money. A liftgate that doesn’t run can cause a world of unnecessary and expensive problems. We provide an efficient solution to maintaining a strong state of charge in liftgate batteries.

The Solar Bolt™ uses solar energy to keep liftgate and auxiliary batteries charged, even when not in use. The supplementary system works with a vehicle’s electrical system and increases charge opportunities. The patent-pending technology contained in the Solar Bolt integrates easily with heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems.

The Solar Bolt LED indicator lights show when the solar panel is charging and indicate the state of charge of the liftgate batteries. The Bolt comes with a 90 W solar panel, but up to three more panels can be added to increase charge power to 360 W.

By keeping liftgate batteries charged, liftgates will be ready to work when you need them. No road calls, no downtime, no extra expenses. You’ll have functional liftgates, healthier liftgate batteries, and the benefits of solar power.

Solar Bolt Benefits

  • Comes with up to four 90 W panels (90 W – 360 W)
  • Uses solar energy to keep liftgate batteries charged
  • Works whether vehicle is on or off
  • Provides supplemental charging that works with vehicle electrical systems

For more information on the Solar Bolt, go here.

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