Understanding what the light indicators on the Solar Bolt mean is key to diagnosing issues. The Purkeys’ Solar Bolt system comes with indicator lights to help interpret when the solar panel is charging and the state of charge of the liftgate batteries.

“The reason you want to be able to access and look at the light is if you’re trying to troubleshoot the system, it’s very important to know what it’s doing,” said Larry Rambeaux, Purkeys’ sales and service engineer.

So what do the colors mean?

  • Solid green: your liftgate batteries are between 13 – 14 volts, meaning they are at a good state of charge.
  • Flashing green: the liftgate batteries are between 12.4 – 13 volts and this means the system is charging, but the batteries aren’t fully charged.
  • Blinking orange: batteries are between 10 – 12.4 volts meaning the liftgate batteries are at a low state of charge.

Part of the Solar Bolt includes the Indicate system, which is installed at the front of the trailer. Indicate is an easy and simple way to understand the charge of the liftgate batteries. If it’s green, that means the charge is above 12.4 volts and if it’s below that it will blink amber, meaning that charging is necessary.

The purpose of the Solar Bolt lights are two-fold. The source light on the Indicate is there to quickly show a technician the state of charge of the liftgate batteries, while the light located in the battery box shows when the solar panel is charging.

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