Research is a crucial element for a company to stay relevant and top of mind. Purkeys recently conducted studies on solar panels to better understand how to integrate solar charging into their current liftgate charging system line.

“Last summer, we installed three solar panels on a trailer and put our controller in the lift-gate battery box,” said Jimmy Fielding, Purkeys technical service manager.

The data loggers on the trailers along with the solar charging systems measured the voltage batteries, current coming from the solar panels and the current going from the batteries into the liftgate motors. They provided the necessary information to understand how well the solar panel functions within the system.

During their research Purkeys developed a new solar charging system, the Solar Bolt. It is one more way to increase charging opportunities. This charging system can be installed onto a trailer or straight truck, allowing liftgate batteries to charge when solar energy is available.

The Solar Bolt is designed to allow liftgate batteries to be charged by solar energy even when the vehicle is running. It is the only charger of it’s kind because it works in conjunction with the vehicle’s electrical system.

Research is an important ongoing process at Purkeys. They are always looking for ways to find solutions to the electrical issues fleets face on a regular basis.

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