High-frequency liftgate applications require fleets to pull power from every available source to keep liftgate batteries charged. Liftgate charging systems like Purkeys’ SELECT and DIRECT utilize the stinger cord, the reefer, and the 7-way for charging when appropriate. Now, solar energy is another way fleets can increase the charge time of liftgate batteries.

According to Purkeys’ Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux, solar panel outputs can be affected by many things including:

  • The time of year
  • The directness of the sun
  • The amount of dirt on the solar panels

These situations cannot be avoided, but they can be accounted for when choosing the number of solar panels for a vehicle. Getting enough energy from the installed solar panels is critical for maintaining a good state of charge. That’s why Purkeys provides the tools and knowledge fleets need to get the correct number of solar panels for their application.

Purkeys’ solar charging system, the Solar Bolt, was designed to control how solar panels charge the batteries on a commercial vehicle. Once installed, this charging system can help fleets efficiently use solar energy to provide power to the liftgate batteries when the vehicle is off or on.

By using the patent pending Solar Bolt as a way to supply power to liftgate batteries, fleets will depend less on traditional fuel sources. This means engines will not need to be on as long and fleets can help reduce fuel consumption.

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