Trucks that sit on the lot for long periods of time have a hard time keeping batteries fully charged. This is because parasitic loads slowly drain batteries over time. If a truck sits for more than a few months it will more than likely require a jumpstart to get moving again.

Purkeys has developed a way to utilize energy from the sun to help counteract parasitic loads, in turn providing longer battery life. They have created a portable and easy to use solar converter called, the Solar Dash. According to Purkeys’ Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey, “In the right sun conditions, the Solar Dash can provide enough energy to maintain a truck’s batteries from day to day.”

The Solar Dash comes with a 20W solar panel, conversion controller, and an adapter plug that plugs directly into a 12V power port, allowing fleets to maintain a high state of charge from inside the truck. It’s as simple as placing the panel on the dash, plugging it in, and walking away.

The system is great for dealers; allowing them to keep trucks ready to move, no matter how long they sit on the lot.

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