Purkeys Stands Behind Their Products with a Three-Year Warranty Program

Since 1990, Purkeys has made an impact in the commercial trucking industry through electrical solutions and training. Our unique solutions help you maximize your fleet’s long-term electrical efficiency as well as recognize electrical problems before equipment and operational breakdown. Our innovative and exceptional products set us apart in the industry.

Beginning in April 2018, to demonstrate our overwhelming certainty that our products will perform, we have upgraded our product warranty program from a two-year warranty to a premium three-year warranty. This warranty applies to all Purkey products. In a market where the industry standard is one to two years, a three-year warranty communicates a weighty level of confidence in our products.

As a fleet, you need parts that help keep your fleet on the road and keep your trucks moving freight successfully. We stand fully behind our products, and we are confident they will go the distance with you, wherever the road takes you. When you’re on the road, you should be focused on operations, not on the parts it takes to get moving. We have that covered for you.

As a dealer/distributor, you need to have full confidence in the products you sell. It is our hope that our backing our product line with a three-year warranty only increases your own certainty in our products as well. We know they will perform for your customers.

Justin Purkey, CEO of Purkeys, noted about the new warranty program: “The best warranty is one that you never use. We’ve watched our product in the field over the last several years, and we have been very proud of the quality of work we put out and how our products perform in these severe applications. We stand behind the product and think that increasing the warranty period tells our customers they can be confident that our product will perform for them.”

Purkeys products are made to last and stand out above the crowd. We put our money on it.  We are “WATT” keeps you trucking!

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