Downtime is a major issue in the trucking business. It costs companies money when trucks aren’t on the road. There are many causes for downtime, but malfunctioning equipment necessary for delivery is one of the most preventable.

Purkeys developed the Trailer Auxiliary Power System (TAPS) with delivery rate and efficiency in mind. Mounted on the inside front of the trailer, TAPS converts 12v DC power to 110v AC so that necessary equipment, such as an electric pallet jack, can be charged in the trailer during a delivery. Purkeys TAPS saves fleets’ time and money in the following ways:

  • Eliminates downtime – Electric pallet jack batteries lose charge during an all day route with multiple stops. This could result in not having enough power to complete all of the scheduled deliveries. That means road calls, which throws off timing and slows everything down.
  • Extends battery life – By maintaining a high state of charge the electric pallet jack batteries will last longer, which means investment in fewer new batteries.
  • Helps retain the best drivers – Time and money are lost in recruiting new drivers and bringing them up to speed. An electric pallet jack does a lot of work for the driver during deliveries. This makes the driver’s job easier, which leads to job satisfaction and increases the likelihood of their staying with the company.
  • Expands driver talent pool – With a well-charged electric pallet jack, drivers of all shapes and sizes can be interviewed and hired, not just the biggest and strongest ones capable of moving heavy product.

Electric pallet jacks can be wonderful assets to any fleet that specializes in product deliveries. When paired with TAPS they can stay charged while on the road and become more reliable.Remember, increased charge time = longer battery life = less expense.

Are you having a hard time keeping pallet jacks charged while on the road? Do you have electrical questions? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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