This year’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) took place on February 27th – March 3rd in Nashville, Tennessee. The Purkeys team traveled to Nashville to join many other industry leaders in developing best practices that will help fleets operate at their finest. This collaboration is an important step in addressing the challenges that fleets face today.

One of the committees that Bruce Purkey chaired at TMC focused on solar power for commercial vehicles. The technology certainly has its place in the heavy-duty trucking industry, but it is important to remember that while solar power won’t solve all problems fleets face, it is a good way to counter parasitic loads as a supplemental charging system. Fleets need to know how to integrate these systems and set realistic and honest expectations regarding what can be achieved.

Collaboration at this year’s TMC was very successful. Purkeys will continue to play an important role within the industry, and will continue to assist in the development of best practices to help fleets overcome challenges.

Did you attend this year’s TMC meeting? Are you looking for more information? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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