Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux explains what Purkeys’ TAPS, or Trailer Auxiliary Power System, does and how the new indicator lights make diagnosing what the device is doing easier.

The indicator lights allow fleets to see what the inverter is doing at a glance. When the truck starts, the indicator light will blink blue until the inverter reads at least 13.3 volts at the front of the trailer, then the light will turn solid green.

To protect the truck batteries, the inverter will turn off when the input voltage drops to 12.4 volts. Purkeys picked 12.4 volts because they wanted to be sure the batteries are never discharged to the point that the truck won’t start.

The control module in the TAPS inverter is constantly monitoring what is going on at the truck batteries. Purkeys’ TAPS makes sure AC power gets to the trailer but will protect the truck batteries at the same time.

Are you having a hard time keeping pallet jacks charged while on the road? Have you tried a TAPS system? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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