Purkeys’ TAPS, or Trailer Auxiliary Power System, converts 12v DC power from the tractor to 110v AC power at the trailer. This allows fleets to keep electric pallet jacks and other electrical devices charged between deliveries without damaging the tractor batteries.

The TAPS has been a Purkeys staple for several years but recently this electrical solution has received a facelift. Recent updates to the system include:

  • A stainless steel enclosure that provides corrosion protection for fleets with reefer units
  • A new indicator light on the front of the box
  • A liquid tight conduit to seal the AC wires

The inverter inside the TAPS relies on power coming from the tractor. When the voltage at the trailer drops below a set voltage the inverter will stop supplying power to protect the tractor batteries. The indicator light will then blink red to alert the driver or technician this has happened. Rear AC outlets also have an indicator light to make it very easy to identify the operating status of the TAPS inverter.

According to Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux, “If a driver goes to plug in an electric pallet jack and sees the outlet light blinking red they will immediately know the inverter stopped providing power and to address the issue.”

Purkeys’ TAPS allows fleets to make more deliveries while charging an electric pallet jack between stops. With the addition of indicator lights on the system, fleets can now see how the inverter continuously monitors a truck’s electrical system. By understanding how the inverter protects the electrical system, fleets can begin to prevent issues before they result in road calls.

Are you having a hard time keeping pallet jacks charged while on the road? Have you tried a TAPS system? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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