Severe Service with the DIRECT™ MAX

The distinguishing feature of the DIRECT MAX is that it includes the severe service option in addition to the features of the PLUS and FLEX versions of the DIRECT nosebox.

To watch a video about the features of the PLUS and FLEX, click here.

The severe service option is a connection from the dual pole circuit straight back to the liftgate batteries. This connection allows the DIRECT to share the load while the liftgate is being operated. When the liftgate is not in operation, it provides more of a bulk charge to the liftgate batteries, which is used to top off their charge.

The DIRECT MAX comes equipped with external ports for mounting the severe service cables. It also has easy access to the circuit protection for the dual pole circuit, which is used to protect the circuit from high current loads.

For a demonstration of how the DIRECT nosebox line works, view our free webinar!

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