Heavy-duty vehicles that pull multiple trailers at once come with a unique set of issues. That is why Purkeys and Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company have collaborated to develop the T-Dolly.
The T-Dolly is an adjustable trailer dolly that can automatically expand and contract to help reduce “wiggle” and increase fuel efficiency.
“Trucks with double or triple trailers are sometimes called wiggle wagons,” said Brian Mackenzie, Silver Eagle director of sales. “When these vehicles change lanes they would move a lot, but with the T-Dolly in a contracted position the vehicle will have less wiggle.”
Purkeys created the controller for the T-Dolly and it is the brains of the system, said Rylar Masco, Purkeys national OEM representative. The controller is equipped with built-in safety features. These features:
•    Protect the trailer from expanding in traffic
•    Lock out the trailer if the hydraulic battery gets low
•    Continuously monitors the battery that operates the hydraulic
Purkeys and Silver Eagle will continue to collaborate to produce the safest and most advanced dolly on the road.
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