As seasoned suppliers of the commercial trucking industry, the designers and engineers here at Purkeys understand the kinds of problems fleets face day-to-day. We developed the Solar Dash to eliminate the effects of parasitic loads, a daily hassle for managers of trucking fleets.

Even while the vehicle isn’t running, some essential electrical components of the vehicle stay on, draining the battery as a parasitic load. These parasitic loads, especially in inactive vehicles, can be a constant problem within a large fleet.

Trucks left sitting for even one month can have a discharged battery when it comes time to start them up. “If you let it sit for three or four months in a discharged condition, you’re going to ruin the batteries,” said Bruce Purkey, Chief Creative Engineer. This can mean costly replacement batteries and extra work for your drivers and technicians.

That’s where the Solar Dash comes in. This solar panel is small enough to fit on a vehicle dashboard, includes a small indicator light, and plugs into any 12 V power port. When left in the sun, the panel will recharge your batteries daily and keep your vehicle in working condition.

The simple setup of the Solar Dash means you can just plug in the panel, place it on the dash, and trust that the Solar Dash will keep the batteries charged until the vehicle needs to be used. The Solar Dash isn’t tethered to one vehicle— its easy setup and takedown means you can have a new vehicle charging as quickly as you can walk the Solar Dash across the lot.

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