Solar Dash Counters Parasitic Load

Looking for solar solutions that will maximize the efficiency of your fleet? Allow us to introduce you to the Solar Dash. The Solar Dash is Purkeys’ solar charging system that keeps vehicle batteries at a good state of charge when the truck is not in operation. It is a highly effective way to counteract parasitic loads on most heavy-duty vehicles, allowing drivers to keep their batteries topped off no matter how long the vehicle sits.

The Solar Dash is exactly what it sounds like – a solar charging system designed to lie flat on the dash of your vehicle where it can begin absorbing that precious energy from the sun! The Solar Dash includes a 20 W solar panel and a solar controller, pictured below.

Solar Dash Panel and Controller

Solar Dash Controller

At Purkeys, we like to keep our solutions simple. And the Solar Dash is no exception – installation is a breeze! When installing the Solar Dash, always make sure you position the vehicle in a manner that will allow for the panel to receive maximum sunlight. The 20 watt solar panel plugs directly into the solar controller via the 2-pin male and female connectors. The cigarette lighter end is then connected via a constant 12 volt receptacle. Once this is connected, a red LED on the cigarette lighter plug will illuminate to indicate it is working. 

If you’d rather connect the Solar Dash directly to the batteries, we also provide a panel/controller combo with ring terminals rather than a cigarette lighter.  

The following chart can be used to determine the condition of your voltage based on the color of the LED indicated on the Dash controller:

Justin Alder, one of Purkeys top mechanical engineers, had this to say after running a test on the solar dash:

 “I can confidently say that the Solar Dash is a great option for a low amperage battery charger and maintainer. I would highly recommend this product, as it will save batteries and down time.”

Interested in solar but want a system that’s a little bigger? Purkeys has you covered there too, with the Solar Bolt. Hop on over to our all-new Solar Calculator to help you choose how many 100 watt panels you need, and calculate the energy output per day!

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