Our Solar Dash™ is a solar-powered battery charging system that keeps inactive trucks ready to roll by providing converted solar energy to the batteries. If you’ve ever had to leave a truck on your lot for extended periods of time, you know that batteries don’t stay charged forever.

The Solar Dash is placed on the dashboard of the vehicle and plugged into the 12 V port. The energy collected from the solar panel is converted and fed back into the vehicle’s batteries, fighting back against parasitic loads and maintaining a high state of charge in the batteries.

One of the best things about the Solar Dash is that it can be used over and over again. This means that once a truck fitted with the Solar Dash is ready to go back out into the field, you can simply transfer the system to another truck. No more dead batteries, no more jumpstarts, and no more time wasted. The possible savings mean that the Solar Bolt pays for itself.

The Solar Dash comes with:

  • 20 W Solar Panel
  • Conversion controller
  • 12 V power port adapter

Any of your vehicles that are inactive, especially during summer months, can have their batteries maintained by the Solar Dash and will be ready to work when needed.