Solar can not only offset parasitic loads, but can increase the battery’s life-cycle.

We offer a variety of solar panels—from simple, portable, on-dash panels, to more sophisticated, peel-and-stick panels that can be installed without drilling holes in your vehicle!

Check out how these options can help extend cap power, increase battery life, or help charge auxiliary batteries!

Solar Bolt

This 110-220 watt charging system works with a vehicle’s electrical system and uses solar energy to help keep auxiliary batteries charged—whether the vehicle is on or off.

Solar Bolt Solar Panel

Solar Dart

This 50 watt charging system was created to help counteract parasitic loads on most heavy-duty vehicles. It helps avoid jumpstarts by helping vehicle batteries maintain a high state of charge during vehicle inactivity.

Solar Dash

This 20 watt charging system is portable, easy to use, and prolongs battery life on most heavy-duty vehicles. It is particularly useful in counteracting parasitic loads on vehicles that are parked for a period of time.

Solar Dash PWM solar charge controller

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