Purkeys Solar Products – The Green Way to Charge Your Batteries

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Purkeys knows that summer isn’t just the best time to drive with the windows down and the music turned up. It is also the best time to go green and take advantage of that extra light to help charge your truck batteries. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of truck drivers and create unique battery solutions utilizing the latest technologies available. Solar charging options provide an environmentally conscious and cost-effective way to help heavy-duty vehicles maintain their battery power on the road, reducing roadside assistance calls and failed deliveries.

Using patented technology specifically designed to integrate into heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems, Purkeys solar charging systems use solar energy to keep your batteries charged, whether the vehicle is on or off.

In addition to keeping your liftgate batteries charged, it also reduces the electrical load on the alternator, which in turn reduces the mechanical load on the engine.

That means fuel cost savings over time. Thanks, sun!

The best part? No more dead liftgate batteries keeping you from getting home on time.

Combat parasitic loads and keep your batteries topped off no matter how long your truck sits!

Purkeys solar charging equipment can help keep your vehicle batteries at a good state of charge even when the truck is not in operation. Great for fleets, dealers, and owner-operators, our solar charging options:

  • Transfer easily from one vehicle to another
  • Help you realize fuel savings over time while extending your battery life
  • Maximize number of liftgate cycles
  • Reduce the need for maintenance, downtime and roadside assistance calls

Purkeys Solar Bolt can provide power to the liftgate batteries whether the vehicle is on or off, while the Solar Dash charging system keeps vehicle batteries at a good state of charge when the truck is not in operation.

Are you ready to raise the bar in solar charging? Purkeys has all the equipment to help your truck go green.