It’s hot. You’ve been on the road making deliveries all day. You have one final stop before you’re done and can head home for dinner. You arrive at your destination, walk to the back of the trailer, and find an unpleasant surprise waiting for you.

The liftgate is stuck.

Its batteries are so depleted it won’t go down even once, much less the four or five times you’ll need it to unload your last bit of cargo.

Sound familiar? Finish off the story with a service call, wasted time, an impatient customer, and late dinner. The worst part? You know it probably won’t be the last time this happens.

But with a Purkeys solar liftgate charging system (paired with our strong back-up system to ensure you’re never left in a lurch), you don’t have to worry about whether your liftgate will work when you need it most. No more last-mile worries, no more stuck liftgates. Just equipment that works right the first time—because that’s the Purkeys’ way.

The Solar Bolt™ liftgate charging system utilizes patented technology that was specifically designed to integrate into heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems. It uses solar energy to keep your batteries charged, whether the vehicle is on or off.

In addition to keeping your liftgate batteries charged, it also reduces the electrical load on the alternator, which in turn reduces the mechanical load on the engine.

That means fuel cost savings over time. Thanks, sun!

The best part? No more dead liftgate batteries keeping you from getting home on time.

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