Marshall Babbit, VP of Maintenance for WSE/MCT Transportation, repeatedly dealt with the issue of his sleeper trucks dying on the road due to bad batteries and charging issues. This problem caused both MCT Transportation and its drivers to lose money, time and patience.

MCT Transportation had a problem. Purkeys delivered the solution.

Purkeys thorough process begins by reviewing the current situation, followed by determining the business’s specific needs. Once that’s finished, they provide the right batteries, the right training and the right tools to report and ensure the health of their batteries so the trucks can get the job done without unnecessary issues.

Babbit is now happy to credit the transformation of his fleet to Purkeys expert knowledge. Now jump-starts have decreased, costs have gone down, warranty recovery has improved, and everyone is better off.

“I cannot find better knowledge base for what we need then Purkeys,” said Babbit.

Not only did Babbit and his company improve the batteries and maintenance in their sleeper cabs, but also the rest of the trucks in his fleet. Purkeys expert knowledge solved a costly and annoying problem, while providing the business with the training and tools to continue running bettter.