Purkeys’ Western Region Sales and Service Engineer, Rylar Masco, was asked to speak at the Southern Oregon Technology & Maintenance Council Workshop. The presentation was so well received, Rylar will be presenting the talk nation-wide on Oct. 23 as part of Purkeys’ webinar series.

The presentation covered two topics. The first was about how to test the 7-way to make sure it is providing proper power to the trailer lights. The second topic was a more general look at electrical troubleshooting. There were about 45 technicians at the meeting to learn about basic electrical testing. After the presentation, Rylar answered questions for over an hour and said, “They were very receptive and grateful for the training from Purkeys.”

Bob Phipps, with the Southern Oregon TMC Chapter, said, “Whether you are a beginning apprentice or an advanced technician, you will learn something useful from this presentation.” Rylar will be making the presentation again in Portland this November. It will be the same presentation but is intended for a different group of technicians.

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