Technology Maintenance Council 2018: Success!

We had a great time at TMC this year. A great big thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk to us at our booth! It was a pleasure meeting everyone and being able to demonstrate how our electrical solutions can help make your job easier.

Also, congratulations to M. Allen Doub for winning our TMC giveaway ($100 gift card to Bass Pro)! To everyone else, thank you for participating in the fun, and be sure to come find us at our next tradeshow.

As much fun as we had meeting people and giving away free stuff, there was a lot more than just fun and games going on at TMC. Several of our team members had the opportunity to attend this year and we are excited to share what they liked most about TMC 2018!

Team Member Favorites from TMC 2018:

Bruce Purkey:

I’ve been going to TMC for a long time, so I’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. TMC is an opportunity to see all those people and spend time with old friends.

My advice for those who are just getting involved in TMC is that if you don’t put anything into it, you won’t get anything out of it. Those of us who participate are trying to make work easier for technicians and the industry, and we get a lot out of our TMC experience. The neat thing is that if you work hard and get involved, you can make a real difference in the industry.

TMC is all about contributing and improving the industry. Every time I present, I strive to provide information that people can take with them and use—the very next day—to improve their work situation.

Jimmy Fielding:

This year I was Task Force Chair for Recommended Practice (RP) 445 (S.4 Power Management Strategies for In-Cab Medical Devices). Learning how to go about writing and editing an RP, as well as getting feedback from fleets and manufacturers to help me create a document that the entire industry can use, is a good feeling. This experience inspired me to start my own RP in the future.

Tim Hollowell:

This was my first time at TMC. I enjoyed gathering information during the conferences that helped me better understand issues facing the industry.

Hall Fess:

My favorite part of TMC was seeing the new technology, specifically the new tractor trailer that is completely updated with the newest technology and aerodynamics to enhance its energy efficiency. I thought the name “Starship” was pretty accurate!

Robyn Wassman:

I enjoyed seeing the way our products are being used by other companies. I like knowing that our products are making an impact and improving the industry.

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