If fleets want to reduce, or even eliminate, electrical issues, they need to equip their technicians with high-quality electrical testing equipment. That is why Purkeys provides the Benchtop Electrical Analyzer.

When portability is not a concern, a roll-around tester, like the Benchtop Electrical Analyzer, is what every fleet needs. It is an automated tester that guides technicians through the analysis of heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems. This efficient and accurate device reduces the time and effort needed to troubleshoot electrical issues.

The Benchtop Electrical Analyzer has multiple leads that allow technicians to conduct preventative maintenance checks, battery tests, and more. It can apply up to 400 amps for automated load tests while testing for voltage drop.

The Benchtop Electrical Analyzer is optimized for both flooded cell and AGM batteries. It can test cranking systems, battery systems, charging systems, and liftgate systems. It records the testing history with printable results.

An important part of maintaining heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems is to have good electrical testing equipment, like the Benchtop Electrical Analyzer. It provides fleets with everything they need to quickly and accurately ensure truck systems are working properly.

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