Testing the Circuit with a Voltmeter


Multimeters combine multiple electrical measurement functions into one portable unit. These instruments measure voltage, current, and resistance to detect or diagnose a host of electrical issues. To get the most from a multimeter, technicians have to understand what is being measured and what the measurement should be.

One of the most commonly used functions of a multimeter is the voltmeter. The voltmeter can take measurements throughout a circuit and tell technicians the difference in voltage between two points.

The voltmeter can be used to measure voltage drop. Using a voltmeter on all the parts of a circuit lets technicians find the place where the flow of power is impeded, and thus where the voltage drop occurs.

In the above video, Larry Rambeaux, Purkeys National Truck and Fleet Sales Representative, uses a voltmeter to test a complete circuit to find voltage drop.

The main point to remember when using a voltmeter to find voltage drop is that there is no voltage drop without flowing current. The circuit must be energized to use a voltmeter to diagnose any electrical issues related to voltage drop.

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