When current has to travel a long distance on a vehicle, it is going to lose some of its strength along the way; this is called voltage drop. Excessive voltage drop leads to batteries continuously operating at a low state of charge. This leads to unreliable batteries, road calls, and shorter battery life.

Purkeys’ Sales and Service Engineer Rylar Masco demonstrates how to test voltage drop on a dual pole connection. Since it can be difficult to get the clamps in the proper place for testing, Purkeys makes adapters that make testing the system easier.

According to Rylar, “The tester will pull a fixed load from the liftgate batteries all the way through the trailer to give the overall voltage drop of the system.” Maintaining proper voltage drop ensures the circuit is good and the truck can be sent on the road.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into our lifgate charging systems? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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