Liftgate Charging Awareness Month is coming to its end. So, we have decided to wrap things up with a good summary of the advantages of a Purkeys liftgate charging system.

Liftgate charging systems help decrease downtime caused by severely discharged liftgate batteries. For example, look at Purkeys’ SELECT and DIRECT liftgate charging systems.


Both systems are governed by input voltage when connected to the 7-way.

When a driver applies the brakes the system continues charging. Purkeys’ liftgate charging systems are programmed to read the input voltage and stop charging only if there is an ABS event. An ABS event doesn’t happen every time the driver applies the brakes, so there is no need to stop/interrupt charging.

Both systems ensure that adequate power is always available to the ABS circuit in case of an ABS event, but they are more intelligent than competitors’ systems because they only stop charging if the input voltage is below 10.5 volts.

This feature ensures fleets get the most up time and charge time, meaning the batteries remain at a high state of charge. Fully-charged batteries have an increased lifespan and make liftgates run faster.

Dual Pole/Stinger Cord

Charging liftgate batteries from a dual pole increases charging opportunity because it charges liftgate batteries when the vehicle is off.

Purkeys’ SELECT and DIRECT systems keep charging liftgate batteries when the vehicle is off, and ample voltage is available at the source batteries. These systems intelligently monitor the voltage at both the vehicle and liftgate batteries to ensure liftgate batteries get as much charge as possible. They also make sure a no start situation never arises, as the source batteries are monitored and protected.

These systems control modules automatically keep the vehicle and liftgate batteries balanced. This means they keep the entire electrical system balanced and working together, while ensuring all batteries are at an optimum state of charge.

LED Indicator Lights

The DIRECT and the SELECT systems have LED indicator lights that show technicians and drivers the status of the liftgate batteries and the charging source. These indicators alert drivers to any issues that may exist with the power source, path circuit, or battery pack. They identify where the issue is, which reduces troubleshooting time.

Purkeys systems are very flexible; there is an option for any tractor/trailer combo. They are leading the charge when it comes to liftgate charging innovations. Both the DIRECT and SELECT have patented technology that makes them perfect for keeping liftgate batteries charged and fleets more efficient.

Does your fleet use liftgates? Are you looking for a way to gain the competitive edge?

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