The Rest of Us

In addition to our customer-facing teams, Purkeys has amazing behind-the-scenes teams; from the warehouse to the front desk, these men and women work tirelessly to provide a steady charge to Purkeys. They are the battery that keeps us moving.

These team members have worked hard to help Purkeys thrive for over 30 years. Everyone is dedicated to providing high-quality products and amazing support that makes your life easier. We love what we do!

Those in the front office keep systems up and running, provide needed reports and support, manage finances, greet you whether you call in or step into the office, and a plethora of other tasks.

Our enthusiastic Engineering team is constantly designing, improving, and researching. They keep the focus on assuring that we provide quality products to our customers as well as providing support to our internal teams and customers whenever needed.

Our Operations teams strive daily to manage inventory, keep the production floor organized and supplied, build all needed products in a timely and efficient manner, and stay on top of shipping and receiving.

The Content & Marketing team is always working to provide you with useful information. Whether you need to know about a product, or need technical information from our experienced experts, this team strives to make that information available.