Fleets that utilize liftgates are always looking for ways to increase charging opportunities for liftgate batteries. This is because batteries that are kept at a good state of charge will make liftgates run faster, allowing fleets to be more efficient.

Purkeys’ has developed a way to increase charging opportunities; it’s called the Solar Bolt. This charging system can be installed onto a trailer, allowing liftgate batteries to charge when solar energy is available.

Over the last year, Purkeys has been researching solar energy. They tested the capabilities of putting solar panels on trailers and using the sun’s abundant free energy to charge liftgate batteries. The Solar Bolt is designed to allow liftgate batteries to be charged by solar energy even when the vehicle is running. It is the only charger of it’s kind because it works in conjunction with the vehicle’s electrical system. This unique, patent pending product provides benefits for fleets.

The Purkeys’ Solar Bolt allows for, “A great reduction on the mechanical load of the engine, creating less drag on the alternator, which in the long run can reduce fuel costs,” stated Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer, Larry Rambeaux.

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