TMC Fall Meeting and SuperTech 2018 Recap

Purkeys has been involved with the Technology & Maintenance Council almost since the beginning, and this year was certainly no different. The week was filled with plenty to do for the three team members we had in attendance.

After the prequalifying round on Sunday afternoon, the top 96 technicians in the nation competed for the title of Grand Champion. Larry Rambeaux and Jimmy Fielding co-chaired the Electrical Meters station. The 25 theory questions and 25 hands-on questions from the Electrical Meters station were only some of the hurdles technicians had to jump to prove their proficiency and knowledge. This station covered basic theory and ability to use a multimeter for basic electrical checks.

“Multimeters are important tools for every technician,” Rameaux said. “The only station that doesn’t really require a multimeter is the tire station. And in the very near future, you might even need one there!”

At the end of the competition, the technician with the highest Electrical Meters station score was Michael Gavrielides of TravelCenters of America.

“Scoring the tests was an eye-opening experience for me,” Fielding said when asked about his first experience judging a station. “It helped me see where I can put more effort into my training and really realize that there are a lot of opportunities for this industry to put more focus on training technicians.”

In addition to helping with the SuperTech event, our team also participated in task groups and presented on the following topics:

  • Bruce Purkey – Non-Connector Based Wiring Repairs, Multimeter Diagnostics: Are Today’s Technicians Ready for Tomorrow’s Voltages?
  • Larry Rambeaux – Fifth Wheel Ground Strap Installation Guidelines, RP 755 Update (Alternative Liftgate and Material Handling Charging Methods), Liftgate Voltage Drop Test Procedure, Multimeter Diagnostics: Are Today’s Technicians Ready for Tomorrow’s Voltages?
  • Jimmy Fielding – Chairman for S.4 RP445 (Power Management Strategies for in Cab PAP)

“All-in-all, I would just like to say how impressed I am with the results of getting involved with TMC,” said Fielding. “It is super easy to volunteer, and the results are astounding. The networking with major truck OEs and fleets is right in front of you here, and when you volunteer, it is super easy to start conversations with people.”

Rambeaux added, “TMC is like a family reunion. We don’t get to see or speak to some of these people very often, and TMC provides a place to meet up, catch up, and talk about the industry.”

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