Representatives from Purkeys collaborated with other industry leaders at TMC’s Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville while Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux lead training sessions at this year’s Pepsico show. This is the first time Purkeys has been able to attend two large shows at the same time and the effort paid off.

Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey, Chief Engineer Dale Henningson and other members of the Purkeys team were involved in developing recommended practices during the task force meetings. It was the first time Sales and Service Engineer Rylar Masco had the opportunity to head up a discussion on technology for drivers with C-PAP machines.

Bruce served as chairman of the Solar Power for Commercial Vehicles task force, which is working to develop a recommended practice for solar power in the industry. It included talks by representatives on all sides of the issue, which kept the discussion fair. Bruce said he thought a lot of progress was made and that with some legwork work they might be ready to go to ballot by the next meeting.

Throughout the year, the taskforce chairmen work diligently to develop these recommended practices. When you only get to talk about them once or twice a year, “It’s incredibly important to make sure that the meetings get documented so the discussion and progress can keep moving forward,” according to CEO Justin Purkey. As secretary of the S.1 Electrical Study Group, Justin made sure task force meetings were carefully recorded so they could be used for future development.

The Purkeys team enjoys participating in TMC’s task force groups. It gives them a chance to collaborate with their peers, work closely with fleets and help solve electrical issues for the trucking industry. Being involved with TMC allows Purkeys to give back to the industry that has been good to them.