Part 2 of this series “7-Way Aux Pin Circuit Liftgate Battery Charging Problems” quickly identifies some of the most common issues using the 7-way auxiliary pin circuit, helping you to understand:

  • How to charge the liftgate battery while the tractor is running
  • How to ensure brake safety while charging the liftgate battery
  • What to do when you experience charging system challenges
  • Process elimination to resolve charging issues

Designed to minimize headache and lost revenue from operational downtime, this webinar gives directors of heavy-duty, commercial trucking fleets a snapshot of core solutions to liftgate battery charging problems to keep your trucks on the road. Register today!

About the Presenter

Bruce Purkey, Founder and Chief Creative Engineer, Purkeys

[email protected]  |  800-219-1269

Bruce has over 40 years’ experience servicing fleets’ electrical needs. Widely recognized as the authority on electrical issues in the heavy-duty trucking industry, Bruce has worked closely with some of the largest fleets in North America.

Several of his inventions have been awarded US patents and earned the Technology & Maintenance Council’s Silver Spark Plug award, one of the highest honors awarded to members.