As the popularity of renewable energy and “green” technologies continues to grow, we have been hard at work developing ways to put this technology to work for drivers, managers, and technicians in the commercial trucking industry and answer your question: “What can solar energy do for my fleet?”

So what can solar energy do for you? While it’s not yet reliable as a lone power source, solar power is a great source of supplemental charging—especially for vehicles and trailers that spend a lot of time parked in the sun. When in the sunlight, solar panels installed on the roof of a trailer or dashboard of a tractor charge batteries constantly, with no work from an engineer or driver necessary after the initial installation.

Purkeys’ Solar Bolt and Solar Dash systems are simple to install, and make taking the first steps toward renewable energy sources for your fleet a breeze. Summer means longer days, which means even more hours of sunlight to keep your batteries charged and ready to roll. Contact us today for information and recommendations on how your fleet can benefit from solar technologies.

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