What is a PM test: The Battery Test

Charley Gipe Goes Over the PM Test on the Auto Meter BCT200J

There are two ways to maintain a heavy-duty vehicle: preventative maintenance and road calls. By performing a high-level preventative maintenance test of a vehicle’s electrical system regularly, fleets can resolve issues before they result in road calls.

Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe demonstrates the battery check portion of Auto Meter’s preventative maintenance test. In order to test the batteries, the auto meter will place a heavy load on the pack and measure the results. Before the load is placed on the batteries, the technician will be prompted to enter information. They will enter the temperature of the battery pack, the type of batteries and the CCA. Entering accurate information at this step will ensure accurate results.

Once the information has been entered, the auto meter will place a fixed load on the battery pack. The tester will read the voltage at the beginning and end of the test. At this point the tester determines the condition of the battery pack and alerts the technician if there is an issue that needs to further testing.

Road calls are expensive and keep trucks off the road. By performing an electrical preventative maintenance test, they can confirm that the system is operating as it should. Avoid road calls and save money by adding PM tests to regularly scheduled maintenance.

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