Solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy that can be used to keep the batteries on a vehicle charged. Solar charging systems produced by other companies are typically designed to charge batteries using a three-stage charging algorithm. The three stages of charging are bulk, top-off and maintain.

Bulk – Consists of suppling a large amount of energy to the battery until it gets to a certain voltage.

Top Off – When the energy output decreases to fully charge the battery without over-charging, also known as absorption

Maintain – Cuts back the current so the battery stays at a good state of charge, also known as float

The maintain charging method is effective while the vehicle is turned off. Since the alternator is supplying power to the battery when the vehicle is turned on, these solar chargers go directly to the maintain stage because they sense the battery doesn’t need any more current.

What makes Purkeys’ solar charging system unique? Integration!

Purkeys’ solar charging system was designed specifically to integrate into the electrical system of the heavy-duty vehicle. Purkeys’ solar charge controller is installed between the solar panel and the batteries. It was designed to control how the solar panels charge the batteries on a commercial vehicle. While the solar charger does use the three-stage algorithm while the truck is turned off, its patent-pending technology also helps supply power while the truck is running. The Purkeys system detects when the alternator is running and turns on so the alternator doesn’t have to do all of the work. If the alternator is working less the engine is too. This helps fleets reduce fuel costs.

This system can be integrated into heavy-duty vehicles to help keep tractor and liftgate batteries charged. Through proper integration into technologies such as the SELECT and DIRECT liftgate charging systems, Purkeys can help reduce fuel costs over time. By using solar power as a practical way to supply energy, fleets will depend less on traditional fuel sources. This means engines will not need to be on as long or work as hard and fleets can help reduce fuel consumption.

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