The Multimeter Training Unit (MTU)™ helps fleets train technicians on diagnosing heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems with a multimeter by allowing the technicians to practice their multimeter skills in a controlled environment.

“One of the main benefits of using the MTU,” explains Purkeys Chief Engineer Dale Henningson, “is the unit’s portability and ease of use. The MTU allows technicians to practice at home or at a desk instead of tying up a truck for training purposes.”

This training unit also allows technicians to easily test different variables to see how they are measured by a multimeter.

“If a technician goes out and measures a battery, they only get one reading,” Dale says. “With the MTU, they can experiment with different states of charge and see how they correspond on a multimeter.”

The ability to change what is being measured makes it easier for technicians to fully understand the numbers and how they relate to a vehicle’s electrical system.

With the MTU, not only can a technician vary individual aspects such as the state of charge, they can also easily change the component that is being measured. The MTU has various sections including battery, alternator and pulse width modulator simulation. Each of these different areas corresponds to functions on a multimeter. This allows technicians to practice with every multimeter function and test situations that could not be easily produced on a vehicle during a training session.

“When you’re dealing with electrical circuits, you can’t necessarily see what’s going on,” Dale says, “You can’t look at a battery and see if it’s charged or not. Multimeters can measure these values and help us understand what’s going on with the electrical system.”

Understanding how to use a multimeter is essential for diagnosing and repairing electrical systems and components within a truck. When technicians are properly trained on how to use a multimeter, they can quickly diagnose and repair electrical problems. This allows fleets to save time and money by minimizing downtime.

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