Adding Integrated Controls with Timer and Low Voltage Disconnect to Inverters Can Save Batteries

Drivers will use devices like laptops, microwaves, and other appliances to help them adjust to life on the road. This requires an inverter, which takes DC power from the tractor batteries and converts to AC power for these devices.

Fleets allow inverters to support hotel loads for both driver retention and recruitment of new drivers.  Inverters are often overused, draining the tractor batteries so the tractor won’t start. Clearly balancing driver comforts with fleet operations is a challenge.

Fleets can order inverters with integrated control modules providing logical controls that allow tailored use of the inverter to help meet both fleet and driver demands.

The integrated control module has multiple settings:

  1. A timer to allow inverter use for an allotted amount of time during daily operating hours.
  2. A setting for low voltage disconnect, so when batteries reach a set state of charge the inverter will shut down.  This ensures the batteries don’t get too low to start the engine.
  3. A combination of the above two options.

The integrated control module is built into the inverter, so fleets can program their specific settings without the driver getting involved. This allows fleets to balance their needs and the drivers’ demands without losing money.

What are some persistent problems you have experienced with inverters? Do you have specific questions about inverter timer settings? We welcome your comments below.

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