Drive Hands-Free with the Aware Audio Interrupter

California marks their ten year anniversary of hands-free laws this year. With the exceptions of private property or use in an emergency, cell phones are illegal to use for calling, texting or other means unless a hand- free system is installed. California’s definition of a hands-free system states that, “a phone must be mounted on the windshield or dashboard in a way that doesn’t hinder the driver’s view of the road, and the driver’s hand must be able to activate or deactivate it with a single swipe or tap.”

In an effort to decrease the number of casualties caused by distracted driving, the hands-free laws require people to focus on the road instead of a text message or social media. More states are adopting hands-free laws and almost every state has a text messaging ban. What happens if you violate the hands-free law in California? A first violation is punishable by a base fee of twenty dollars ($20) and fifty dollars ($50) for each subsequent offense. That might not sound like much at first, however it’s important to note that the base fee does not include any other assessments or fees that can be assigned by county and add up quickly. That also doesn’t include the possible damage to property or worse, injuries and loss of lives that can occur through distracted driving.

The Aware Audio Interrupter

For truck drivers, it is important to be able to access their messages without compromising their safety or the safety of others. The Aware™ Audio Interrupter is an audio interface management system that integrates with the speaker system of a truck. It routes messages from the telematics alert system through the speakers safely and easily, without the driver having to turn the radio down or take their hands off the wheel. No need to turn off that favorite song! This makes hearing messages simple and intuitive, allowing drivers to focus on the road while staying alert for changes to driving conditions.

The Aware Audio Interrupter:

  • Assists in driver retention and safety. Relays messages wirelessly through the vehicle audio system rather than the small speakers of a telematic system tablet
  • Relays messages through the truck speakers, even when the radio is off
  • Ensures the message is clear, even at freeway speeds
  • Uses plug-and-play technology for quick installation
  • Remains hidden after installation
  • Allows for an optional cell phone microphone connection for hands-free use (mic sold separately)

As more states pass hands-free laws, the importance of having a system installed to efficiently receive messages without receiving a citation or causing a distraction will continue to rise. Drivers don’t need to be focusing on the potential violations they are committing or complications of receiving important messages. They need to be doing what they do best—driving safely and efficiently. If you are ready to find out more about how the Aware Audio Interrupter can help, contact our team today!


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