The Driving Companion You’ve Been Missing

Truck cab

Driving can be an incredibly relaxing activity. Taking in all that scenery, seeing the world from a different angle…it’s the modern-day adventure! However, being on the road for hours on end can be quite dull—especially if you are alone. To combat this, some drivers choose to listen to pod casts, music, or the radio, and although they provide a welcome distraction from the mundane, that doesn’t always stop our minds from melding with the road and drifting.

In a study funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was noted that people’s minds wandered upwards of 70% of the time while engaged in driving. Not only can this be dangerous, but as a driver it can turn a peaceful day into something of a nightmare, especially if they miss an important message from dispatch.

A missed message might seem insignificant, but truck drivers know the feeling when they realize they’ve missed an important message. It could be an altered route, or an updated delivery notification; whatever the case, it is going to impact your driving time, and in many situations, your bottom line.

These changes are a big deal to drivers and their employers. To help prevent these avoidable situations, our engineers designed the Aware. The Aware is an easy to install, advanced audio interface management system that integrates with a vehicle’s existing speaker array.

The Aware system automatically silences all competing audio signals and reroutes messages from telematics devices and mobile phones through the speakers safely and effortlessly, without the driver having to turn the radio on, turn the volume down, or take their hands off the wheel. With the Aware system, hearing messages in real time is simple and intuitive, allowing drivers to focus on the road, while remaining alert and able to respond to changes in driving conditions.

No more missed messages, no more stressing, and most importantly, the relief knowing that your message system provides safety to your drivers and those around them on the road.

If you have any additional questions about the Aware and how it can improve your business culture of safety, reach out to us, we would love to answer your questions!

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